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Violin Varnish

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Sub-Index Varnish: Violin Varnish | Brushes, Thinners and Oils | Gums, Resins & Dyes | Glossary | Recipes & Info

Violin Oil Varnish and Spirit Varnish | Gums & Dyes | Varnish Brushes | Thinners and Oils | Varnish Recipes

Violin Varnish

Artist quality JOHA (Hammerl) varnish for musical instruments, made in Germany. Also our own 1704 varnish variation recipe, ingredients and prepared varnish, and British varnishes by Hidersine.

Violin Varnish Shellac Orange 100 grams - Photo Gums, Resins & Dyes

Ingredients for varnish making, including gums, resins, lacs, dyes and other materials.

varnish brushes

Brushes, Thinners, Oils & Rubbing Supplies

Fine ox-hair violin varnish brushes for finishing musical instruments, as well as thinners and essential oils and other liquids necessary for varnish making and application. Also Pumice and Rottenstone for smoothing varnish.

  Varnish Glossary

List of varnish ingredients, their properties, origin and usage.

  Violin Varnish Recipes & Info

Making and colouring our 1704 varnish variation, and a few thoughts about varnish.

  Violin Cleaner Polish Violin polish for cleaning and obtaining final gloss on musical instruments.
Hammerl books about violin varnish Violin Varnish Books Books that deal with the subject of violin varnish; making, materials, application, and more.

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